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This Call of Duty Ideas wiki where users are free to share their ideas on what they'd like to see in future Call of Duty games. Fanfic and zombie ideas welcome.


I would like to see a new juggernaut idea come up,this is a new juggernaut that is roughly a bit bigger than a regular juggernaut and has a bit more armor on it's arms and legs has the call of duty black ops 2 assault shield in one hand,has the black ops 2 lsat lmg in the other hand. the juggernaut can fire the lmg and protect itself from fire at the same time,but it can place down the shield if have to stay put and to aim better with the lmg, has frag grenades,and can still smack you with the shield,this new killstreak(ha surprise) is worth 17 killstreaks and is call down via a purple flare and it is known as the living tank. The person who talks(whatever you call it)says for the friendly "take it easy (whoever whatteam they are) we got a livig tank,he'l take care of us, or if you are enemy"(whatever team you are) fall back those b******s have a living tank down there! That is my opinion on one killstreak othat would be cool i know it is a little long but it's a great idea,but a little OP.

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